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A 7-Week Devotional for Healing and Self-Reflection During Singleness

By Porschia Clark Pickett

In her new book The Waiting Room, author Porschia Clark Pickett shares her deeply personal journey of transition: from a single woman desiring a relationship to a happily married mother of one, her dreams of love, marriage and family becoming a reality.  

As readers are welcomed into Porschia’s world, she provides tools to help them in their own. Over a 7-week period, readers are invited to be introspective, with transparent self-reflection that will allow them to heal from any hurt, abuse or trauma in their pasts.

Porschia’s message is simple: to be healed and whole before marriage is the goal, and the ultimate healing can only come through intimacy with Jesus Christ.  She encourages readers to make their single season one of intentionality and productivity, but also a time of communion with the Father, the ultimate lover of our souls.  Written with honesty, sensitivity and genuineness, this 7-week devotional covers topics ranging from Heartbreak, Patience and Faith, to Flaws, Dating/Temptation and Friendship.  The final week, Purpose, is the culmination of the journey, and readers will walk away with a renewed passion for God, deeper self-respect and understanding of their worth, and a commitment to wait well, remembering that God’s plans are always infinitely better than our own.

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